We at Collared Greens are proud to be the first and only American made, eco-conscious lifestyle clothing brand. The Collared Greens brand combines our passion for timeless style with our commitment to support American manufacturing and the environment around us. We are always American Made, and continuously strive to deliver on the promise of premium quality American craftsmanship, creativity, and conservation.

Team CG is ever aware of the impact that we as consumers and creators have on our environment. We work with our American manufacturers, artisans, and craftspeople to keep the production cycle clean and environmentally friendly, and use recycled, organic, and renewable materials as much as possible.

We hope you share these values as well, and enjoy wearing our collection of American Made dry goods. We are firm believers that you do your best when you look your best, and you'll find our goods have a timeless style, with a nod to modern style and comfort. Thank you for your support of Collared Greens and the American Made movement.

Live American Made,

Team Collared Greens




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