Fit to be Tied: Our Collaboration

Collared Greens has teamed up with Bird Dog Bay, another US men’s clothing and accessory company in order to offer collections for all occasions. We have been working side-by-side in the apparel industry since our launch over ten years ago; attending the same trunk shows, trade shows and selling our goods at many of the same wholesale partners across the country. Most importantly we have shared many of the same American manufacturing companies with Bird Dog Bay, which made designing the next collection together rather seamless. There’s always been a mutual respect between the two brands, keeping one another on our toes to keep the bar high for inspired design, clever marketing and premium craftsmanship.

If you’re not familiar with Bird Dog Bay, it’s essentially a whimsical version of Collared Greens. Most of their goods have sophisticated yet fun sporting and lifestyle themes that are designed by the founder and sole illustrator of the brand, Steve Mayer. He’s been at his craft for over twenty five years - drawing hundreds and hundreds of designs for silk and cotton goods since the early 1990’s. He’s originally from the suburbs of Chicago, but nowadays he’s a bit of a nomadic artisan, seeing he spends the bulk of his time hand illustrating the collections from his studio in Key West, Florida and Vail, Colorado, seeing inspiration for his design work is just a dog walk away.

We’re thrilled to be back up and running this season with the help of Steve and his long-standing team. We hope you continue to support the Collared Green brand and now our new partners, Bird Dog Bay. You can see a lot of their work on our newly updated website, or visit to see their full collection of whimsical beauties that will always keep you looking “Best in Show”.


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