Thanks to a turbulent election cycle, "American Made" is back in the news! Collared Greens responds.

So far it seems to us that the only productive conversation to come out of the 2016 election cycle is that we need to continue to demand that more of our products are made in America.

 Of the debate on American Made goods, Mr. Trump himself has stated, "It's very hard to have apparel made in this country." We know that it is possible to make high quality American Made goods because it is one of the fundamental tenets of our company. Donald Trump has been challenged to not just toss the “Make America Great” slogan on goods made in overseas, but to actually stand behind that promise and make sure that his campaign goods, as well as his Trump clothing line wares, are all made in America.

This is a challenge we ourselves would like to propose to Mr. Trump, and to all candidates and companies who seemingly espouse American Values, yet continue to outsource jobs over seas. Invoking the spirit of America, American values, and even our flag, falsely. They are not supporting American jobs and American workers, but hurting them all the while appealing to these same American's sense of patriotism.

It is this blatant abuse of the symbolism of our flag and our values that drives us to continue making products that are a true representation of what that means. Simply stamping an American flag on your products, standing in front of one, or blustering out a slogan aimed at inspiring nostalgic patriotism does not in fact make you a great American. It makes you a great American hypocrite.

Here are a few articles recently shedding light on this topic:

Making products in America is possible. Perhaps at a higher cost, yes, but also at a higher meaning. It means more jobs for Americans and stronger communities for all of us. It means quality and innovation. It means knowing where your clothing is coming from and proudly wearing the seal “Made in the USA.” It means that when Americans work, America works better.
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